International Gift Expo in Pigeon Forge, TN

When the weather starts to cool, and the summer season winds down, that’s when we go scouting for the coolest merchandise for the next summer season.  This year is no different.

November 4th and 5th the family team took the drive to Pigeon Forge, TN for the International Gift Expo (IGES).  Not only did we get a change of scenery, we found some great new items we think you’ll love.

Check back for more updates as the new products arrive in-store!

It’s fishing time!

We’ve got rods, reels, and deals that are steals!

Beach Mart has all the fishing supplies you need to get a bite.  We have a white selection of rods and reels to choose from with blood worms, night crawlers, and frozen shrimp to choose from. Still need a fishing license?  We can help.

We’ve Got The Classics

Perhaps it was your childhood and walking into that souvenir store was the thrill of the trip. Maybe you held Mama or Daddy’s hand while they sipped RC Cola and you begged for a snow globe. We are still that store. Relive the memories and make new ones. Stop in and visit.

We still have shell rings, shell necklaces, seashells, postcards, root beer, taffy, licorice, corn cob pipes, rubber snakes, shark teeth, snow globes, back scratchers, and even plastic dog doo.